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Multiplicands are multiplied together to give the product.

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Q: What do you call the numbers in multiplication?
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What word is the numbers multiplied together to find a product?

i call it multiplication

What do you call numbers that are in multiplication problem?

factor * factor = product

What do you call the answer in multiplication?

The answer in multiplication is the product.

When you multiply two numbers what do you call the two numbers that you multiply?

The two (or more) numbers that you multiply are called factors. (The result of the multiplication is called the product.)

What do you call an answer to a multiplication problem?

A product is an answer to a multiplication problem.

What property is illustrated by this problem 7x8 equals 8x7?

The Abelian or commutative property of the multiplication of numbers. It is important that both "multiplication" and "numbers" feature in the answer. Because, it is applicable to multiplication but not, for example, for division. It is applicable for the multiplication on numbers but not matrices.

What are the numbers in a multiplication sentence called?

factors * * * * * No, they are called multiplicands.

What is the comparison of 2 numbers by multiplication called?

I'm not aware of a way to compare two numbers by multiplication.

What do you call the numbers you multiply together to get a product?

multiplier the number that multiplies multiplicand the number to be multiplied product the answer in multiplication

How is multiplication used?

Multiplication is used to figure out large sums of numbers.

What does a multiplication grid look like?

a multiplication grid looks like a box set of numbers where you multiply two numbers making each two numbers multiplied by making multiplication boxes

What do you call the answer to a multiplication?

The product .

What do you call the answer for multiplication?


What are multiplication properties?

The answer depends on the context. For example, multiplication of numbers is commutative (A*B = B*A) but multiplication of matrices is not.

What is thew answer to multiplication problem?

the multiplication of two numbers is called a factor the answer to a multiplication problem is called a product

What are the numbers named from multiplication?


What are numbers in a multiplication statement?

a factor

What are the numbers in multiplication called?


Are whole numbers closed for multiplication?


What is it called when you multiply numbers?


Is multiplication of a whole number associative?

Yes. Multiplication of integers, of rational numbers, of real numbers, and even of complex numbers, is both commutative and associative.

What do you mean by product?

The product of numbers is the same as the multiplication of numbers

How many numbers are there in the multiplication chart?

10x10=100 numbers

What are the numbers 3 and 5 called in a multiplication sentence?


What are the composite numbers in the multiplication chart?

odd numbers subtraction