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Q: What do you call the sign for subtraction?
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Related questions

What is the name of the subtraction sign?

the subtraction sign

What is the opposite of less than sign?

The less than sign I believe that you are talking about is the minus/subtraction sign? The addition sign, +, is the opposite of the subtraction sign :)

What is a sign used in subtraction?

A minus sign

What is the name of minus sign in math?

A subtraction sign.

What do you call the answer to subtraction problem?

The answer in a subtraction problem is difference.

What operation do you use when it say subtraction?

A subtraction sum will contain a minus sign.

What do you call the solution to a subtraction problem?

In any subtraction sum, such as 8 - 3 = 5, the first number is the minuend, the second number is the subtrahend, and the third number, following the equals sign, is the difference.

What is the sign use in subtraction called?

It is called the minus sign. - .

When was the subtraction sign invented?


What is separated by an addition or subtraction sign?


Why when subtracting a negative number must you change the subtraction sign to an addition sign?

Because a negative negative is the same a a positive, and because of the definition of subtraction and addition.

What do you call the numbers to a subtraction problem?

In subtraction, the minuend minus the subtrahend equals the difference.

What is the minus sign used for?

the minus sign is used for subtraction in math. it shows that you are subtracting

What do you call addition subtraction multiplication and division?

We call it an inverse

Can stand for subtraction opposite or negative?

The minus sign.

What is the answer to a subtraction problem call?


What do you call the answer in a subtraction problem?


How do you subtract two integers with the same sign?

It is normal subtraction. if the tw numbers are x and y then the subtraction is x-y

Is the pattern the same above if the multiplication sign is replaced by an adittion or subtraction sign?

No, there is no pattern above.

What do you call the top number in subtraction?

The minuend

How do you call numbers in subtraction?

Minuend and subtrahend

What is the function in Microsoft Excel for subtraction?

There is no specific function in Excel for subtraction, like SUM for addition. We use the minus sign instead.

Who invented subtraction sign?

The minus, negative, or subtraction symbol is derived from a tilde written over "m" that used to be used to indicate subtraction. It might also be a shorthand version of the "m" itself.

Who invented the subtraction sign in math?

Obviously it was not invented. It was always just there.

What is the identity element for subtraction?

The minus sign.