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The next time they call ask them not to call then if they call again report them or ask to see there supervisor,.

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Q: What do you do if a creditor calls you more than 5 times a day?
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Some companies require you to pay fees that are cost to them to take the legal matter.

Can you be a creditor and only report on one company?

Yes. There are no laws stating that any creditor has to report to any more than one credit bureau (and the creditor is allowed to choose which one to report to).

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What is creditor account with debit balances?

A creditor is an entity that a company owes money to, such as debt to a bank or bondholders. If a creditor has a debit balance, it means that your company paid more than they owed. If there was a credit balance, you would owe money on that account.

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If you sell a car and you owe the creditor do you have to pay them the amount the car was sold for?

If you sell a car you owe a creditor a balance on, you pay the creditor the amount you owe him in order to get the title to the vehicle to turn over to your buyer. Anything over the balance owed to the creditor is yours to keep, assuming you sold it for more than you owed on it. If you sold it for less than you owe on it you will have to pay the additional amount out of your pocket to get the title.