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You are going to have to free up some space on your hard drive. You have too small of a hard drive for the programs installed. Start removing programs you don't need. Next start removing videos & photos. Keep removing stuff until you get around 12-15% free space. Also def ragging in safe mode will help.

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Q: What do you do if you can not defrag a harddrive because there is only six percent space left on the disk?
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Why did your 360GB harddrive turn into a 64MB harddrive after formatting it?

Because you did not format it properly, or you have deleted partitions, and all free space is in unallocated sector.

How do you get rid of the fragmented files that stay after you run disk defrag?

A defrag program sometimes skips the files that contain like 2-4 fragments so it won't need to make space for that file because it's to large. Some programs have the option to defrag to defrag every file without skipping one.

What can extend disk space on a server?

a harddrive...

How do you increase disc space in hard drive?

defrag or compress your data

You have Windows XP and it will not defrag so does anyone have the answer?

Some common reasons for problems in defragmentation are- (1) Not enough disk free space since the XP defragmenter needs atleast 15% free disk space to defrag. (2) Fragmented system files such as the Master File Table (MFT) or the Page File. The XP defragmenter cannot defrag these. You can clear up some disk space by doing a disk cleanup with the 'Properties' option by right clicking the drive in 'My Computer'. To get around these issues, especially (2), you'll need a third party defragmenter such as Diskeeper 2009. Diskeeper can also defrag in very low space conditions, as well as defragment the MFT and Page File. You may need to run a boot-time defrag after a conventional defrag to completely defrag these system files.

How many gigabytes does the sims 3 take up?

gigabytes of what harddrive space or disk space

When do you run disk defragmenter?

Disk defrag must be run regularly (or set to auto defrag) to keep the hard drive free of fragmentation and maintain the performance of the computer at a high level. Fragmentation of files (occurs 'naturally' when you write or modify a file on the hard drive). Windows comes with a built-in defragmenter, but it's not very good IMO: it's very slow, doesn't defrag all files (especially important system files), doesn't defrag properly when disk space is low, and is not flexible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its good to be proactive when it comes to defrag because once the fragmentation levels become high or if your free space drops below 15%, it be comes very difficult to defrag with the native disk dferagmenter. It also takes a very long time to complete the defrag.

How long does it take to defrag a computer?

How fast a defrag is will depend on factors like Free space Level of fragmentation Program used The Windows defragmenter needs atleast 15% free space to do a defrag, however third party defrag programs like Diskeeper do the job efficiently even with as less as 5% free space. Higher the fragmentation, more the time.Generally the more often you defrag it should hardly take a few minutes each time. The Windows defragger is considered slower than dedicated third party defragmenters which also have the option of being installed in automatic mode.

Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive?


What happens when you defrag a hard dive?

You regain fragments of wasted space on your hard drive and you reallocate that space for future data stroage use.

Why upgrade a hard drive?

The PS3 was designed to be able to have a standard laptop size harddrive and meant to allow upgrading. The only reason to upgrade a hard drive is for more storage space and/or a higher quality harddrive. That is the reason to upgrade any harddrive

Is a 160 GB ps3 better than a 320GB?

No the difference is about the size harddrive and the 320 GB is twice the size and will hold more than twice the data because some space is taken in the harddrive for the PS3 software. The 320 GB has 298 GB of available storage

What are some good reasons for partitioning a hard drive?

Partitioning a harddrive helps to clear space.

What are the benefits of doing a disk defrag regularly?

There are a few potential benefits of doing a disk defrag regularly. It will improve the performance of the hard drive and speed up access to files. The files are organized more efficiently and space is created.

How can I free up space on my mac's harddrive?

You can use CleanMyMac, OnyX or some other cleaning applications

How can you defragment a disk?

Go to the disk->right click->properties->extra->defrag --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are defragmenting with the Windows tool, you will also have to ensure that there is atleast 15% free space to defrag and ideally no other programs running should interrupt the task. The built in defragger also does not defrag system files. If you want, you can check out trial versions of comemrcial defrag programs that overcome all these limitations.

When disk defragmenter utility program is unsuitable?

If the disk defragmenter that comes with the OS is unsuitable for you, check out the other defrag programs available in the market. If you google for fully automatic defrag programs, you will find some really good options which include background mode, low free space defrag and the latest feature includes prevention of fragmentation in one of the popular programs.

OS XP why does defrag stops at 48?

Probably (1)file system errors (can be fixed with chkdsk/f) (2)insufficient free space for a defrag (do diskcleanup with ccleaner and get atleast 15% free space) (3)viruses or malware (scan as needed) (4)Locked or in-use system files such as paging file or MFT. (get Diskeeper and run a normal defrag followed by a boot-time defrag). ---------- Another user said: It can due to many reasons, lack of free space or program interrupting (run itin Safe Mode). If this doesnt help, try a third party trial version. Some work faster and more efficiently than the built in.

How to change platters on a harddrive?

bottom line- you dont. A single fingerprint on a platter can render it useless- if you want more space or have managed to break a platter, I'm afraid all you can do is buy a new harddrive.

Brain takes up what percent of space in the skull?

80 Percent of your heads space!

Which is better a windows inspiron with 5 GB memory and dualcore processor with 500 GB harddrive or a desktop hp with 6 GB memory a quadcore processor and 1 tb harddrive?

desktop hp with 6 gb memory a quadcore processor and 1 tb hard drive because it has more HD space and RAM memory

Do you have to have a harddrive to store pictures on xbox 360?

yes. but if you have a memeory stick you can use that as well but you will have less space than a HDD.

Why is your Minecraft laging?

Most likely has something to do with your video card or the amount of ram you have. Try clearing some space on your harddrive.

Where can i find how many gigabytes PS 3 has?

If the setting system information is looked at it tells the remaining harddrive space available and the original amount available which is less than the actual harddrive size and must be increased to the next closest number higher to learn if it is a 20, 40 60 80 120 160 or 320 GB harddrive. You can also convert the harddrive size from the model number on the back of the PS3 with information on the related link

Ok so my comp is totally full. I cant even run disk defrag because I need 15 of my disk free to run the program properly. So I saved a bunch of files to an external HD and deleted them from my comp. W?

If you cannot free up enough space for the defrag, opt for a third party program like Diskeeper which defrags even with as less as 5% free space. It defrags fast and efficiently. You could download the 30 day free trial version.