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Q: What do you do to increase comprehensin?
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Did Harry S. Truman increase or decrease the role of the US in Vietnam?

increase increase increase increase HELLO PEOPLE increase increase increase HELLO PEOPLE

What percent is an increase of 20?

It depends on where you are starting from. An increase from 10 (to 30) is a 200% increase. An increase from 100 (to 120) is a 20% increase.

How has increase in population caused vehicular pollution?

Increase in population = increase in demand for vehicles = increase in vehicles = increase in vehicular pollution

How can the magnitude of the magnetic field be increased?

Increase the currency. Increase the size of the coil. Increase the tightness of the coil.

Can your IQ increase?

how to IQ increase ?

What is the percentage increase from 10 inches to 96 inches?

860% increase. (A 100% increase would be an increase of 10, and there is an increase of 86, so 860%.)

If average cost increases does marginal cost increase?

It depends if the increase in Average Cost is caused by an increase in Fixed Costs or an increase in Variable Costs. An increase in Fixed Costs will not increase MC, because FCs do not vary with output (by definition) And increase in Variable Costs will increase MC

Does the word increase have a prefix?

Yes, increase does have a prefix. In- is the prefix of increase.

Increase in resonance structure leads to increase in stabilitywhy?

An increase in atmospheric __o[ ___ leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect

What property of a wave increase as the wave energy increase?

An increase in energy corresponds to an increase in frequency or a decrease in wavelength.

Which is smaller increase in temperature a 5 Fahrenheit increase or a 5 Celsius increase?

A 5 degree Fahrenheit increase is less than a 5 degree Celsius increase

If your cash increase does it increase or decrease?

it depends on what you mean by "increase" and "decrease." It can actually go both way. the alimony I get can this increase