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nothing, keep the exponents the same, remember you can only add or subtract when the exponents are the same

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Q: What do you do with the exponents when your adding the bases of the number?
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When adding polynomials what do you do to the exponents?

You keep them the same if they have different bases

How do we know if we have to multiply or add exponents if the bases are the same?

You have to add the exponents. It's best if you just remember it. You can also consider what happens when you multiply something like:(2 x 2 x 2) x (2 x 2) As you can notice, the number of factors get added. That's like adding the exponents.

What are the exponents and bases?

Exponents are numbers that simplify the amount of times a number multiplies by itself. For example, 5^3 would be equal to 5x5x5 which equals 125. In that same number, 5 would be the base and 3 would be the exponent, (aka) the little number on the top right of another number. And yes, exponents CAN have exponents.

What are the rules adding and subtracting exponents?

When multiplying something with exponents, you add it. When dividing something with exponents, you subtract it.

When you are multiplying exponents do you only add the exponents or do you also multiply the bases?

Add the exponents

When adding numbers with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

you do not do anything when you add numbers with exponents. you just figure out the answer. it is only if you multiply numbers with exponents, where you add the exponents..

When adding numbers with fraction exponents do you add the exponents?

Fractional exponents follow the same rules as integral exponents. Integral exponents are numbers raised to an integer power.

Can you predict the number of factors of any number by writing the prime factorization using exponents then adding one to the exponent and then finding the products of these numbers?


What is the prime factorization of 4 exponents?

The answer will depend on what bases the exponents are of.

In a miltiplacation problem do you times the exponents?

In a multiplication problem with exponents, one should not multiple the exponents. Rather, it would be correct to multiply the numbers while adding the exponents together.

Do you subtract exponents when multiplying?

No you add them if the bases are the same.

When adding variables with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

When adding variables with exponents, you do neither. You only add the exponents if #1 The variables are the same character (such as they are both "a") #2 You are multiplying the variables (NOT ADDING, SUBTRACTING, OR DIVIDING) Using a simple concrete case may make this clearer: 10+2 times 10+3 equals 10+5 ( 100 times 1000 equals 100,000).