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It's either positive or negative depending on the number that is greater than the second number. Example subtract 10 from 20 the answer is 10. 20 as being the greater than 10. Another example subtract 5 from -10 the answer is -15. -10 as being the greater than 5. Take note when subtracting positive and negative integers you change the sign of the subtrahend.

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Q: What do you get when you subtract a negative by a negative?
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What is negative subtract a plus?

A negative.

What is the answer if you subtract positive twentyseven from negative sixtynine?

If you subtract positive twenty-seven from negative sixty-nine, you would get negative forty-two. You simply subtract the 27 from the 69 but leave the negative sign.

What does a negative subtract positive equal?

A negative

What is a negative subtracted by a positive?

If you subtract a positive from a negative, you will get a negative.

What will you do subtract in six to make it nine?

Subtract negative 3.

What do you do when subtracting a positive and a negative?

If you subtract a negative from a positive, add both of their absolute values. If you subtract a positive from a negative, add both of their absolute values and multiply by negative one.

What is Negative 596 subtract 216?


What is negative 6 subtract negative 2?


What is your positive and negative?

positive is to add and negative is to subtract in math

What is negative 5 subtract 4?


What is negative 7 subtract 12?


Do you subtract when its a negative plus a positive?

No, you add the positive to the negative.

How do you subtract a negative fraction from a negative fraction?

In the same way that you would answer a fraction subtract another fraction. The result could be either positive or negative, just as is the case with negative whole numbers.

What does a negative subtract a positive equal?

a negative subtracted by a positive will always equal a negative.

How do you subtract a negative and a negative?

Add the second negative to the first negative, so -1 - -2 = 1

How do you subtract a positive number by a negative number?

A little awkwardly phrased, so I'll answer both ways. To subtract a negative from anything, add its positive. To subtract a positive from a negative, the equation is treated as though you are adding two postives, the result is negative.

What is the sum of a negative integer from a positive integer?

subtract the negative from the positive

Negative 34 subtract 4 equals to?


What does negative 7 subtract negative 2 equal?


Do you add or subtract when you have a negative number and a positive?

Subtract and add the sign of the greater number.

How do you subtract from a negative number?

Subtracting from a negative number would make the number a bigger negative. For example. If we have the number -10. And are told to subtract 5 from -10. We have -10 - 5 = -15.

Would you add or subtract to negative numbers?

Whatever is required by the context of the question. Whether or not the number is negative gives no indication as to whether to add or subtract.

Does a negative number subtract a positive number equal a negative number?


What is negative 3 subtract negative 20?


What is the inverse operation of add negative 6?

subtract negative 6 or +6