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Jhyioyhlkl mi ,iutyo uit iut

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Q: What do you mean by CT - 1 in export?
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What is the category of Sales against CT-1 Physical Export or Deemed Export?

it is threw merchant exporter who exporting it.......for us it is deemed export

In terms of export non utilisation certificate against CT- 1 to be issued bt excise department or customs?


What does not mean export?

import does not mean export

What does ct mean in weight measurement?

1 ct or 1 carat is a measurement unit used to tell the weight of a gemstone. 1 carat is 0,2 gram.

How do you start a Human hair export in India?

Extensive training offered on export and import trade either as home based or as an industry. ct. 9840511761.

What does CT mean in text?


Where is the Jaguar Foundation Inc in Export Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Jaguar Foundation Inc is: 1003 Manor Valley Ct, Export, PA 15632-3901

What is ct?

You mean CT. CT means Connecticut the abbreviation for Connecticut is CT get it?

What does ct al mean?

If it is CT et al, it means CT and others. This is a Latin abbreviation.

What is export mean?


What does ct mean in diamonds?

Ct stands for carat, the "weight" of the diamonds.

What is the US 1 export?

The number 1 US export is currency - the US dollar.