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It is the maximum voltage to which it has been calibrated, but this may be set out in separate ranges selected by a switch on the front panel.

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Q: What do you mean by range of voltmeter?
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Why there is an extension range of voltmeter when a series resistance not equal to voltmeter is used?

why is extention

What are the effects on the voltmeter if voltages measured exceed the range?

If the voltage measured exceeds the voltmeter range then the voltmeter needle remains in it's maximum position until it's voltage values are considerably reduced.

A multirange voltmeter which scale is numbered from 0 through to 250 the pointer falls mid range on the scale interpret the reading on the meter?

With the pointer mid range on the scale, the reading of the multi-range voltmeter would be 125 volts.With the pointer mid range on the scale, the reading of the multi-range voltmeter is 125 volts.

How would you extend the range of a voltmeter and ammeter?

if we would like to expand the range of voltmeter we should change the voltmeter resistance even to be appropriate . we should use a variable resistance to control of its value . I would extend the range of a voltmeter by adding resistance in series with it. I would extend the range of an ammeter by connecting resistance in paerallel with it.

What are two familiar mistakes when using an ohmmeter and a voltmeter?

Voltmeter connect in parallel with the circuit setting on voltmeter highest range first then to lower range. Ohmmeter we need to use the ohmmeter meter setting connect across the resistor

What is range of 0-2Volt voltmeter?

2 volts

What is a multi range voltmeter?

Multi-range ammeter using universal shunt

What range should the voltmeter be set prior to taking a voltage measurement?

If the voltage is completely unknown, a voltmeter should be set to the maximum range first, then stepped down to an accurate level.

Which type digital voltmeter is the of fatest all digital voltmeter?

You mean fastest? Digital voltmeter gives reading in seconds.

What range should you set the voltmeter prior to taking a voltage measurement?

Make a guess of what the voltage will be and set the range accordingly. If needed, change the range after measuring the voltage, to get a better reading.

A DC voltmeter has a resistance of 20000 ohms per volt What is the resistance of the meter if the range selection switch is set on the 250 volt range?

5 megohms

What happens inside a voltmeter when you switch it from a lower to a higher voltage range?

When you switch a voltmeter from a lower to a higher voltage range, an additional resistor is added in series with the meter, increasing the voltage necessary to create the same voltage drop across or current flow through the actual meter movement.