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Q: What do you mean by shapes in terms of settlement?
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What does shape mean in art terms mean?

It means that where are different shapes.

What if Shakira sorted shapes into two different groups use geometric terms to describe how she sorted the shapes?

shakira sorted shapes into two different groups. Use geometric terms to describe how she sorted the shapes.

What does Linear mean in Geography terms?

linear means that something is close together not far apart, A linear settlement is when a settlement has been made by staright lines {ROMANS CREATED LINEAR LINES!}

What does poly in math terms mean?

It means "many" --an indefinite number of example: polynomial ( many terms) polygon ( many sides) polymorphism ( having many shapes/ structured) polyhedron ( many faces)

Are quadratic equations resembling shapes?

The answer depends on what you mean by shapes. These curves are not closed shapes.

What does solid shapes mean?

it means the shapes that has faces,vertices and edges

What terms determine the settlement price of derivatives?

It has (1) one or more underlyings and (2) one or more notional amounts or payment provisions or both. Those terms determine the settlement amount of the derivative.

How do you pay out of court settlement?

Follow the terms of the settlement, which usually includes that the plaintiff be paid. Normally they get paid directly, not through the Court.

How does water shape human settlement patterns in North Africanorth Africa?

Water shapes human settlement patterns based on transportation (on rivers) and the growth of food- no water, no food, no settlements.

What does equal mean in shapes?

If shapes are equal then they are said to be congruent

What are geometric and angular shapes?

Geometric and angular shapes are general classes of shapes associated with geometry and with geometry/trigonometry respectively. The two terms ("geometric shapes" and "angular shapes") are very general in nature, and it isn't really "doable" to make a list of all the geometric and angular shapes one may encounter.

What does it mean when shapes are congruent?