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Q: What do you mean when you say 15day of mestrual circle?
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What does circle you mean in Japanese?

You may say 'maru.'

What is the diameter of a 70 inch circle?

I would say 70 inches, but it depends on what you think you mean by "a 70-inch circle"

What does a solid circle and clear circled line mean in math terms?

If you are talking about a graph, a solid circle means that point, say (3,4), is included, and an open circle it is not included

When you say that a planet has a highly eccentric orbit you mean that?

It deviates from a perfect circle by a considerable amount.

How do you say the word for a 3d circle?

I think you mean the word 'sphere' ? It's pronounces 'sfeer'

How do you say circle in Dutch?

Circle - Cirkel

How do you say circle in Scottish?

cirle in English is the same in scottish. its just a nationality unless you mean galic where it is círculo

How do you say full circle in Latin?

full circle

What did the line say to the circle?

get off of me i'm a circle not a circle with a line through it

What do you mean when you say God is all present?

God's realm includes the physical universe. Were it expressed in Venn Diagram--God's realm would be a big circle; the physical universe would be a smaller circle, entirely within the big circle.

How do you say circle and bule in spanish?

'circle' is 'circulo' What's a bule?

What is the Italian for circle?

Circolo or cerchio can me used to say circle in Italian.