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Maths are equations using letters or numbers.

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How do you get points on think through math?

how to get lots of points on think through math

What do think about math?

i think it is great because there's alot of diffrent subjects in math.

Why math is favorite subject?

because math is simple.And math make me think

What to do about math?

Math you just think and answer with a logical answer. What is your question exactly

How does your brain do math?

You use your brain to help you do math. You need to use it to think about a math problem.

What is a title in math?

meteor math or take the path to math or do u think you're smarter than math itself

What is math meaning?

math is a brain teaser that helps you to think hard

How does the book Math Appeal relate to math?

I think it is to help life and math better to the students who are learning it

Is math boring is that just me?

No yes. i think most of the world hates math

Is sound waves math?

well i think its more of science so no its not math

Does the website cool-math have virus?

i think no because it is math so its good for us to learn math

How are math and lacrosse similar?

Math and Lacrosse are not similar at all, and I never even think about math when I am out on the field unless I forgot to do my math homework then i will forget about it.

What is math for a scientist?

I think it is Mathematician

What is the example of a term in math?

I wish I knew what was an example of a term but, I think its a word describingsomething in math. I think. :p lol

How are the subjects of science and math incorporate in nanotechnology?

no because science has math in it to so i think yes math and scenic are in nanotechnology

Do all teachers use math?

I think they do. Most of the teachers I have use math. Almost everyone (including me!) uses math.

What are some investigative activities using math skills?

the investigated math skill webs are math starters and funbrain.(i think)

What do you call a person that teaches math?

um, a math teacher

How did Carl Gauss math change the way you think about math?

Way too much

What are the differences between ancient greek math and modern math?

its different because our math is more understanding than theirs i think

How is math used in a car?

from all of the technology and when there is technology there has to be something in there that has to do with math like multiplication i think.

How is math involved with creating a wheel?

I think that you must use geometry, thus using math.

How do they think they use math in chemistry?

With their brain

Do you think math 12 is needed?


What does evaluate have to do with math?

i think it means to check your answer