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Q: What do you think will happen 5 years from now?
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Can you think of yourself 5 years from now?


What was the huge cloud of dust and gas that happen 5 billion years ago?

It didn't happen. There was no 5 billion years ago. Just think about it; it doesn't make any amount of sense whatsoever.

What will happen to the technology 5 years from now?

it would definitely be different as new discoveries are being explored....

How old is now?

I think she 24 years old < brithday on May 5, 1988 >

5 years from now what is your position?

Your interviewers do not want to know what some anonymous person on the internet thinks - they want to know where YOU think you will be in 5 years. Just be honest and say what you really think.

What if you have been together for almost 5 or 6 years and now you did something to make him mad?

Yeah that's going to happen don't worry, arguing is apart of the relationship, if you're not arguing you either think the same or something is wrong.

How long did it take to build Cape Lookout lighthouse?

im not exactly sure but i think it took 5 years

5 years from now what will you be?

five years from now i will be the great president ever in the history

What are you 5 years from now?


Can tornadoes happen in the summer for 5 out of 10 years?

Tornadoes happen in the summer every year.

I am 16 years old and you got nailed doing 52 in a 25 school zone how what do you think will happen to you Can you get traffic school and how much do you think it will be In California?

Depending on what county you live will range from $5 - $19.99

What happen if you drink a powerade expired 5 years?

You will die