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You use variables to stand for numbers in algebra

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Q: What do you use to stand for numbers in algebra?
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When would you use words for numbers?

in algebra

What is it called when you use symbols to represent numbers?


What sort of maths use symbols instead of numbers?


How do you use algebra in dentistry?

The algebra section of the DAT is used to evaluate your ability to use numbers and show that you're capable of prblem solving.

Can you use negative numbers in algebra?

Unless you are restricted to a field or range using only nonnegative numbers, yes, you can use them.

What is the letter for the number 1 in Algebra?

The point of using letters in algebra is that they can stand for any number (or a range of numbers that are, as yet, unspecified). There is no specific letter allocated to a number.

Numbers used in algebra?

Yes, numbers.

What is an area in math where numbers are represented by letters?

That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".

What is an algebra sentence?

Usually a sentence that contains letters that stand for numbers (variables) Example: 4 + x = 5 answer: x = 1

Why use algebra?

We use algebra to predict things.

A branch of mathematics that use letters to represent numbers called what?

It is algebra that uses letters to represent numbers and also Roman numerals.

What is surds in algebra?

Irrational numbers

In algebra what does gef stand for?

greatest factor

How do these mathematicians similar to the algebra you are studying study algebra?

all kinds of things are different like the way we use more numbers and have technology to help us

What numbers you can multiply to get a number are called factors or addends?

Factors are numbers that can be multiplied together to get other numbers. Factors are important in algebra and algebra II.

What does the letters in algebra stand for?

The letters in algebra stand for unknown numbers or amounts that you are trying to find out (calculate).For instance you have 3 things and you want to find out how many you have to add to get 5 things. You call the unknown amount X (or any letter you like) and you use an algebra equation to find the answer. So:3 + X (the unknown) = 5...and you already know the answer is 2, but when you learn the rules of calculating with algebra, you will be able to find the answers to much more complicated mathematical questions. Basically, you call the unknowns any letter you want, then you make an equation using the numbers you do know, and then you solve the equation.

Do scientists use algebra?

yes.Yup. Scientists use algebra all the time, no question. Even biologists.

What kind of mathematics uses letters instead of numbers?

Algebra makes use of letters and mathematical symbols.

What numbers are used in Boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra uses the numbers 0 and 1 to represent statements which are False and True respectively.

What jobs use algebra?

An Algebra Teacher

What do you mean by algebra?

algebra involves equations with numbers a variables and your goal is to solve for the variable

How did algebra come about?

algebra come from the study of general property of numbers perticularly the realnumbers

Why is algebra is immportant?

Algebra is important because it is another branch in math that expresses letters as numbers, instead of plain numbers. Algebra is also used a lot in science, that is why it is required to know.

Where can you use prime numbers?

In every math problem you can ever do you can use prime numbers. 1+3 Both prime numbers. Most numbers are not prime but prime numbers only become a broblem when you try to factor them like in simple algebra.

What is dam stand for in math?

Discrete Algebra and Geometry.