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Q: What do you write with on a blackboard 5 letters?
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What is a piece of slate on which to write on with chalk named after a color?

You write on a blackboard.

How do you write 23.01.2014 in letters?

If you mean in 5 letters then it is: TODAY

How To write 9th may 2011 in 5 letters?

You cannot write it in 5 letters, you can write it in 4. Using roman numerals it would be: IX/V/MMXI, this required 4 letters.

Which of the following is normally used to write on a blackboard?


How many meters is a blackboard?

Blackboard can be 5-6 meters. It could vary in size.

How do you write the number 5 with letters?


What do you write on that has 5 letters to the name?


What do you write on at school which is 5 letters?


How do you write May 20 2011 in 5 letters?

i can write 24 May 2011 in five letters answer is TODAY

How do u write 24 January 2014 in 5 letters without using numbers?

To write 24 January 2014 in 5 letters without using numbers kindly write 24.1.14.

How do you write the 4th of March in 5 letters?


How do you write 27April2011 in 5 letters?

April. The numbers are not letters. ha ha ha