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a very good one.

That is not a logical answer, this is a proper answer...

A cardiologist, a Brain Surgeon, or a neuorologist would, Thanks for asking

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Q: What doctor would earn a million dollars in a year?
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How can you have 1 million dollars?

earn it

How much money does an Animal Rescuer earn?

I would say 1 million dollars

Is taxes on interest earn on a million dollars what per cent would that be?

Depends on in what country!

How much interest in American dollars will you earn annually on 0ne million dollars?

Roughly... I would say that you would earn not as much as Bill Gates. But more than $0.000001 if this helps.

How much do ent surgeons earn?

They earn 8 million dollars.

How to earn 100 million dollars in a year?

In order for a person to earn 100 million dollars in a year, one would need to become the CEO, COO, or CFO of an extremely large and relevant fortune 500 company.

How do you earn a million dollars?

There are many ways to earn a million dollars. You could invest money monthly in an interest bearing account and wait for it to accumulate to a million dollars. This will probably take up to 50 years depending on your monthly investment. You could win the lottery which is very unlikely. Most of the time people who earn a million dollars work very hard and are go-getters who innovate and are motivated. They don't spend their money, they save it and they invest it intelligently. Unfortunately there is no tried and true formula for earning a million dollars or we would all have a million dollars or more!

How much interest would you earn per year on one million dollars with a 4 percent interest rate?

5 million

What does a county judge earn in Texas?

a million dollars

How much does Jason Kidd earn each year?

21.37 million dollars a year.

How much do surgeons earn in Manitoba?

A surgeons in Manitoba get around a million dollars a year. It really all depends on the doctor and the work that has been done.

How do you get a million dollars on roller coaster tycoon 2?

Earn it.