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Q: What does 'dragging their feet' mean?
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What does dragging her feet mean?

Dragging her feet means she's going slow, wasting time, stalling.

How do you use the word dragging in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.He was dragging his sore leg.The rope was dragging behind the boat.

Sentence of dragging?

He was dragging his feet as he walked home, too tired to lift them properly.

What is the meaning of dragging your feet?

its slang for walking slowly

What does you're dragging the chain mean?

it means that when someone is dragging the chain, they are trying to avoid work.

How do you shuffle?

kinda of march in place while dragging your feet on the floor

What does your tongue is dragging on the floor mean?

means tired

Why do Asian people scuff their feet so much?

In my experience at an eastern Canadian university, highly populated by Asian students, they must have the heaviest feet of any peoples on the planet. The daily torture of dragging around their 30 kilogram feet wears heavy on them, and this results in their defeated, dragging trudge.

Why do people receive shocks after dragging their feet across a rug?

From a build up of static electricity.

How a bicycle is slowed down by dragging your feet along the ground?

Poorly, very poorly. Friction is what slows the bike down.

Can the iliac artery be blocked and what are the sysptoms?

severe pain when walking and dragging your leg behind you and feet cold

What are Metaphors for laziness?

"Couch potato" "Sluggish as a sloth" "Dragging your feet" "Slow as molasses"