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Each occurence means that the liability limit of your policy doesn't have an accured limit. Every time you have an accident, the policy limits are available (i.e. each occurence).

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Q: What does 'each occurrence' mean?
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What does each occurrence mean in liability insurance?

An occurrence is a loss, or a claim filed on the policy.

What does per occurrence mean in insurance?

Per Occurrence in insurance means its time an event occurs. Consumers often see this on auto insurance, when they find out the deductible amount they will pay each time they have a wreck.

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What does 5 million each occurrence and in the aggregate mean?

The Aggregate coverage is the maximum the policy will pay out in any given policy term. .

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What do the three numbers of liability mean?

The first number represents bodily injury per person, the second number represents bodily injury per occurrence, and the last number represents property damage per occurrence. By adding three zeroes to the end of each number, policyholders will have the amount of their coverage. :)

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