What does 'fugly' mean?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Fugly is a slang insult that means someone is horrendously ugly. (fugly - f*cking ugly)

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Q: What does 'fugly' mean?
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~No way!!~ :( this girl is so mean. do not trust her. she is a fugly slut!

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No Pink is not ugly. She is fugly. Very very fugly... Pig.

What sort of insult is neek fugly?

A neek is a nerd and a geek. And fugly means f**king ugly.

What is the best yo moma joke?

yo mama so fugly she entered the fugly contest and they said "soz no pros!"

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No they are fugly

Who is cristina shipley?

shes a fugly nerd

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Umm i think i did because i call my sister fugly because shes {F}at and UGLY and it spreaded ohh theres also a website

What to do with a Miley Cyrus card?

throw it away she is fugly

What was Charles V formal assembly called?


Is there other words for ugly?

Fugly for extreme cases.

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no shes a fugly bangee!! she loooks like a spider monkey!!! no shes a fugly bangee!! she loooks like a spider monkey!!!

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not you cuz you are fugly