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The mode is the most common number in a list of numbers. If two numbers are tied then there is two modes. If there is no number occurring the most then there is 'no mode'.

The mean of a set of numbers is found by adding up all the numbers and then dividing by how many number there are.

E.g consider the set of numbers: 4, 5, 5, 10.

The mode is the most common number which is 5.

The mean is found by (4 + 5 + 5 + 10) / 4 = 24/4 = 6.

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Q: What does 'mean' and 'mode' mean in maths terms?
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What does the word mode and range mean in terms of maths?

In statistics the mode is the value that is observed most often. The range is the biggest observed value minus the smallest.

How does a statistician use mean median and mode?

in maths

What does mode mean in maths?

The number that is most used.

What does rotate mean in maths terms?

To turn.

In terms of maths what does survey mean?

a chart

What does perpendicular mean in maths terms?


What does primary mean in maths terms?


What maths terms begin with m?

Math or Multiplication or Matrices or Metric or Meter or MeasurementMedian Mathematics Mean Midpoint monomial multiple mode

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What does a liter mean in maths terms?

1000 cc

What does the mode in maths mean?

The mode is the number that appears most often in a sequence. Example: 2222222222434389382222948749387 In that sequence, 2 would be the mode.

What does duck mean in maths terms?

For answer see

What does horizontal mean in maths terms?

it is across, like the horizon.

What does mode mean in maths terms?

the mode is the most common number for example 89,56,78,8,32,64,8 8 would be the mode you get it cause its the most common In math, mode means most used. So if you see a chart graph and you see some number that is the highest used, then that number would be the mode.

What does terminated mean in maths terms?

Terminated means stopped or ended.

What does mode mean in kid form?

Mode is the most common number in a set of data my maths teacher describes the mean as this: "when the average person says average they mean mean."

What is the meaning of mode in maths?

mode in maths means most common number (usually in a sequence) kofie2468

What does in terms of mean in maths?

Mean means Average of a particular distribution Mean means Average of a particular distribution

What is variability in math terms?

range,mode ,mean and cluster

What does layout mean?

well in literacy terms it means the way its set out like in a book or something not sure if there is a maths terms one though im not good at maths and I aint kidding

How do you do mean and mode in maths?

Mean is the average of all the numbers in the group. Just add them all together and divide by the number of numbers. The mode is the number that shows up the most.

What does mode meen in maths?

is something to do with your vagina

What do median mean in maths?

median is the middle number mean is average mode is most median is middle range is high - low

What does the word mode in maths mean?

In any given set of numbers, the mode is the number that appears most often. If no number appears more frequently than any other, there is no mode.

What does interpret mean in maths terms?

Interpret means to explain something like to explain remainders