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Q: What does 10 4 mean on a walkie talkie?
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What does 10-4 mean on a walkie talkie?

copy understand ok

Another word for walkie-talkie?

Over and out' and '10-4' are both walkie talkie terms. Walkie talkies have been a form of communication since World War II.

Which Walkie Talkie models are available?

The most popular brands of walkie talkies are the Motorola and Sony brands. They also range between $17-$30. The Motorola walkie talkies have high ratings (between 4 and 5 stars) and many have ranges of reception up to 23 or more miles. The Motorola TalkAbout is a very popular walkie talkie with excellent ratings from thousands of consumers from Amazon to Walmart and more.

What are the technical specs of the Motorola Spirit walkie talkie?

Motorola Spirit walkie talkies have 1 channel and 1 watt, and have a range of 4 miles over flat ground with no obstructions. It has a range of 200,000 square feet in steel and concrete buildings and on multi level buildings this range is 15 floors. It also has 8 programmable frequencies.

How do you unlock your midland wakie talkie?

Simply hold lock button for 4 seconds.

What does 4 fold and 10 mean?

Multiply by 4 and add 10.

3 4 of 10?

If you mean 3/4 of 10 then it is 7.5

Is a 466 mhz walkie talkie license free in India?

Licensing Procedure for walkie talkies IndiaFor using walkie talkies in India, a license is a must. One has to pay Rs. 1700/- as License and Royalty fees per annum for the first two radios. From third radio onwards, it is Rs. 550/- per annum. Example- for five radios the annual license and royalty fees payable is Rs. 3350/-. Regional Licensing Office (RLO) of the Wireless Planning and Coordinating Wing (WPC) located in most of the State capitals will grant the permission within a fortnight.Do not buy walkie talkies from EBay. The frequency on which these radios work is illegal in India. If caught using, penal action can be initiated. Moreover, these walkie talkies have only 0.5 watts power output which will not give more 300 meteres range.WPC permits 4 watts power on walkie talkies which corresponds to appx. 5km range. These walkie talkies are sold by authorised dealers.0.5 watt walkie talkies works 500 to 800 metres in city , & they do not require licence , in open it works upto 3 kms ..We have tested 7 watt walkie talkies by testing their RF power & it merely worked 2 kms inside city .. yes in mountain top to mountain top it will work for 30 kms ..462/ 466 Mhz walkie talkie upto 0.5 watt/ 1 watt is legal , ( licence free )462/ 466 Mhz walkie talkies above 1 watt is illegal without licenceIndia has different frequencies allocated for public use, and radios from US can not be used legally in India.The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in India would be able to help you a link is providedMinistry of Communications and Information TechnologyDepartment of TelecommunicationsWireless Planning and Coordination Wing601 Sanchar Bhawan - 20 Ashoka Road110001 NEW DELHIIndiaDe

What is the mean of a group of numbers?

The average. The mean is the same as the average. For example: the mean of 4,6,10,20 is 10. 4+6+10+20=40/4=10

what is 4 and 10 in simplest form?

If you mean 4/10 its 2/5

What is the mean of 60 40 10 10?

Sum of 60, 40, 10, 10 = 120 Number of values = 4 So mean = 120/4 = 30

What is prime 4 10 3?

if you mean "which is prime 4, 10, or 3?" the answer is 3