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What does 12 million dollars look like written

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Q: What does 12 million dollars look like in writing?
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What does 1 billion dollars look like?

1000 million dollars?

Show you how to write five million dollars?

five million dollars would look like this... $5,000,000.00

What does a million dollars look like?

No such thing smarty

What do a half quarter million dollars look like?

it does

What does one million US dollars look like?

as soon as i get one million dollars .. ill take a picture of it.

What does one million dollars look like in numbers?

1 000 000 dollars.

What does 95 million dollars look like in numbers?


What does 580 million dollars look like in numbers?

580 000 000

How does one million look in dollars?

1,508,800 dollars

What does 27 billion look like in pennies?

It looks like 2 billion, 7 million dollars in pennies.

Why is there a million dollars?

To look for a second one

Which is heaviest a million dollars in 1 bills or a million dollars in gold or a million dollars in silver?

a million dollars in dollar bills weights 6160 lbs. look it up. 3350 lbs for silver 65 lbs for gold

What does 500 million look like?

what does the number 500 million look like

what do numberblocks look like?

that is million

What does a million dollars in twenties look like?

Looks nice. Also, easy to manage cause you never have a problem getting change.

What does one million dollars in ones look like?

A huge stack of paper, 330 feet tall that weighs 2200 pounds.

What does Liam Payne's writing look like?

Look at all his signiatures, thats his writing

What does greek writing look like?

Like this

What does five million million look like?

A can of Tuna

What does 2.25 billion dollars look like?

It is: 2,250,000,000 dollars

How do you write 2 billion dollars in numbers?

This answer is very simple. Pretend as if it were 2 million dollars, but just add an extra three zeros. So it'd look something like this: $2,000,000,000

Does one million dollar bill exist?

Not in the US. There are novelty items that look like $1,000,000 bills but they're intended as jokes. Zimbabwe recently issued a million-dollar note but it was in Zimbabwe dollars, not US dollars, and was only worth a couple of cents.

What does England writing look like?

In English writing we spell 'does' correctly

What does Miranda Cosgroves house look like?

Miranda Cosgrove bought her house in 2013 for 2.6 million dollars. The house is white on the exterior and has amenities like a pool and hot tub.

What do writing spiders look like?

it looks like this spiders