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Yes that is correct

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Q: What does 15--13 equal 15 --13 equals 28 because a minus and a minus equals a plus so the equation is actually 15 plus 13 equals 28?
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What does 15--13 equal 15 --13 equals 28 because a minus and a minus equals a plus so the equation is actually 15 plus 13 equals 28 p.s. i am only 10 years old?

Good work ! Did you have a question you wanted to ask ?

Why does expressions not have equals signs?

If it has an equals sign it is called an equation. without an equal sign is called and expression because it expresses what is happening for example. x^2*x*1 is just an expression stating something u don't actually have an answer.

Does a formula have equals SIGN in it?

A formula does not have an equal sign. An equation has an equal sign. That's why it is an equation.

How can three nines equal eight?

it's actually quite simple, you just have to think a little, the equation would be... 9-(9 divided by 9) ^^= 8 because 9 divided by 9 equals 1 and 9 minus 1 equals 8!

aequus: The equation shows that X + 4 equals 10?


What does y equals 2x plus 3 equal?

It equals to the equation of a straight line.

Does an equation have to have an equal sign to be an equation?

Yes, it does. An equation is something that equates something to something else, by means of the 'equals' sign.

What does x equal in this equation 7 equals xover4?


What is the property that you can subtract the same number from both sides of an equation the new equation will have the same solution?

The property is: If equals are subtracted from equals, the results are equal.

What is one thing that every equation contains?

An "equals" sign. That's why it is an equation, two parts are equal.

What property is 5x equals 5x?

The equation is true because of the reflexive property of equality which states in words that every quantity is equal to inself.

Which logarithmic equation is equivalent to the exponential equation 464?

I don't see an equation. An equation must have an equal sign. For a question in, you'll have to write the word "equals", since symbols get lost.

What does 44-z equals -397 equal?


How is an equation different from an inequality?

In an equation, what is to the left of the equals sign equals what is to the right. In an inequality, the left side is either less than, greater than, less than or equal to, or greater than or equal to the right side.

What does x equal in this equation 3x-20 equals 80?

the answer is 33.333333333

If the discriminant equals zero the equation has solutions?

Yes and they will be of equal value

What does x equal in the equation x equals -x?


Why does 3 plus 6 equal 6 plus 3?

The first equals the second because they're the same total on each side of the equals sign. Try it with grapes, then you can eat your equation.

What equation equals sum of 58?

Equal sums on both sides of the equation would be 29 + 29 = 58

What does x equal if the equation is 2x plus 925?

It's not an equation and therefore unsolvable until it equals something.

What is the solution to the equation y equals -2.5?

y = -2.5 is a equation. And solution to the equation is finding the value of the variable. If we see the equation y is already equal to -2.5 which is the solution to the equation.

Is x equals 1 and y equals -4 a solution to the following equation y equals -2x?

No. -4 does not equal -2(1).

What is the difference between an expression and an equation is that an has an equal sign?

I think you mean this as an answer, not a question. An expression does not have an equals sign (e.g 2x4). An equation does have an equals sign (e.g 2x4=8).

Is x equals 3 a linear equation?

Yes it is the equation for a vertical line (parallel to the y-axis), intersecting the x-axis at the point (3,0). There is not a y component in this equation, because at any value of y, x will always equal 3.

If the equation is x equals 2 what is y?

That makes no sense, there is no y in the equation so y cannot equal anything.