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15 multiplied by 8 is 120.

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Q: What does 15x8 equal?
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What is 15x8?


What is is 15x8?

The product is 120

How many times will 8 go into 120?

15 times since 120 divided by 8=15 or 15x8=120

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What size rim is required for a 31x10.50x15 tire?


Will a 33x12.50x15 inch tire fit a 15x8 wheel?


Will a 195-60-15 tire fit on a 15X8 Rim?

Yes it will.

Max tire size for 15x8 rims?

I have 295R15's on a 15x8 and wouldn't recommend going any wider. The tires often look low even when they are not. 295R15 is perfect on 15x10's though.

Can you put 15x8 wheels on 1969 nova?

if the backspacing is 5.5"

Will a 31X10.50-15 tire fit on 15X8 rims?


Is it safe to put 33x12.5r15 tires on 15x8 rims?

It is safe to put 33x12.5r15 tires on 15x8 rims because the rim will still maintain a secure seal. The wider tires provide additional traction and contact with the road.

Is it safe to put a 33x12.5r15 tire on a 15x8 rim?

Yea, its safe.

What is Minimum tire size for 15x8 rims?

215 60 15

What is the answer to a multyplication question called?

The product. In 15X8=120, 120 is the product.

Can a 32x11.50x15 tire fit on a 15x8 rim?

Yes. I have run that on my CJ7 for years

How much slime do you put into a lawnmower tire?

15x8 tire = 14.4 oz.

Can i fit 33x12.50 on factory 15x8 rims 05' wrangler unlimited?

maybe not really

Stock tire and 15x8 snowflake rims for 1979 trans am?


What is the square foot of 15x8 floor?

15 x 8 = 120 square feet

What is wheel size on 1996 ford bronco?

Stock should be a 15x7 or a 15x8 depending on the package.

Standard size tire for a 1975 Pontiac grandville?

15x8 rims fit a 1975 grandville

What size tires will fit on 15x8 rims?

A 15 inch tire of widths about 205 - 235.

Can you run 15x8 rims on a 1967 dodge dart?

I don't believe you have enough fender clearance in the rear.

Can 31X10.5in tires fit on 15X10 rims?

If they are 31x10.5x15 then yes, but they would fit better on 15x8 rims.

What size wheels come on a 1978 Trans Am?

15x7 and 15x8 snowflakes. But I've even seen some ordered with 15x7 Rallys.