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An obtuse angle is an angle between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. A 180 degree angle is a straight horizontal line. So you can imagine that a 160 degree angle is almost but not quite horizontal.

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Q: What does 160 degree angles look like?
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How many degrees does a supplementary angles of 160 degree have?

20 degrees

What regular polygon has a 160 degree angle?

A regular octdecagon (18 sided geometric figure) was internal angles of 160 degrees.

The supplementary angle of a 20 degree angle has how many degrees?

160 The 2 angles must equal 180 degrees, so 160 is the answer.

What are two angles whose measures have a sum of 180 degrees?

That could be like alot of things... angles can be any degree... like one to 360 degrees I believe.... so it could be a 80 degree angle and a 100 degree angle... 60 and 120 20 and 160... as long as the two angles added up equal 180 the answer is right... ^^^ have no idea what that person is saying but I'm 17 n doin a math crossword and figure out it would be a Supplementary angle.hope that helps

What does a regular 18-gon look like?

It has 18 sides and interior angles,which of them are 160 degrees each and 2880 degrees total and is also called an octadecagon or octakaidecagon.

What is the supplement of a 20 degree angle?

A pair of supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. Therefore, the supplement to a 20 degree angle is equal to 180 - 20 = 160 degrees.

20 degree west 160 degree east meridians?

20 degree west 160 degree east meridians

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it looks like $160

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What degree of a turn is 25360?

25360 = 70*360 + 160 So 25360 degrees is equivalent to a 160 degree turn.

How much is 160 degree Celsius in Fahrenheit?

Start by multiplying 160 with 9 and then divide it by 5. Then add 32 to the answer. So, in this case the answer is 320 degree Fahrenheit.

How do you add angles?

Just like adding normal numbers. Example : 160 degrees + 40 degrees = 200 degrees

What is better for a 265 cu inch Chevy v8 in traffica 160 degree thermostat or a 180 degree?

A 160 in the summer time and a 180 during the winter.

What degree Fahrenheit is equal to 160 degree Celsius?

324 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the supplement of a 54 degree angle?


What degree thermostat did 58' impalas come with on a 283 engine?

160 degree thermosdat

Which is hotter 100 degree celsius or 160 degree Fahrenheit?

100 degrees Celsius

What does a 160 degree angle look like?

it looks bigA 160o angle is a (180o-20o) angle and looks like a slightly broken line if one of its 2 side-ines is considerably longer than the other...

The measures of the three interior angles of a triangle are 85 20 and 75 Determine the measures of the three exterior angles?

The measures of the three exterior angles would be 95, 160 and 105.

Three angles of a quadrilateral are 33 47 and 160 What is the other?

120 degrees

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180 degree is stock but you could also go with 160 degree

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What polygon has 2 acute angles?

a numbr of polygons may hv 2 acute angles example a triangle with angles 30, 60, 90 degrees or a quadrilateral whose angles r 50 50 100 160 degrees and so on

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