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1 millimeter is not equal to any amount of cubic centimetres, as a millimeter is a unit of length, whereas a cubic centimeter is a unit of volume.

1 cubic millimeter on the other hand is (1/10 cm)3, or 1/1000 cubic centimeters.

On the other hand, if in your original question you mean to say "milliliter" and not "milmeter"(sic), then the answer is 1. One milliliter is equal to one cubic centimeter.

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Q: What does 1 milmeter of liquid equal in cubic centimetere?
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What do you call 1000 centimetere?

1000 centimetres is equal to ten metres, or one decametre.

If a liquid has volume of 1ml what is its volume in cubic centimeter?

1 cubic centimeter.The ml and the cubic centimeter are equal volumes.

How many pounds in 34 cm?

One cubic meter (by liquid volume) is equal to 0.03381402 oz (liquid volume). Thus, 34 cubic meters equal 1.149 US oz.

How much is a thousand liters?

The liquid measurement 1,000 liters is equal to 1 cubic meter or 35.31 cubic feet. It is also equal to 264.2 gallons.

How big is 40000 cubic feet?

Well, in terms of liquid, 40,000 cubic feet is equal to 299,200 US gallons.

500 gallons of propane equal how many cubic feet?

500 gallon [US, liquid] = 66.8 cubic feet

What are 1000 liters?

Liters are a measure of volume. 1,000 liters is equal to about 264.172 US gallons of liquid or 219.969 UK gallons of liquid. Volume is also measured in cubic units and 1,000 liters is equal to about 61,023.744 cubic inches or 35.314 cubic feet.

What does 1 ml of liquid equal in cubic centimeters?

ml (milliliter) is the same as cubic centimeter. 1 ml = 1 cm3.

A cubic centimeter is equal in volume to a?

In terms of liquid volume, a cubic centimeter is equal to one milliliter. In the metric system, these two units of volume measurements are equivalent.

What is the formula to convert cc to liters?

For most purposes a cubic centimeter of liquid is equal to one milliliter, so one cubic centimeter of liquid is 1/1000 fo a liter,

8 quarts is equal to how many cubic feet?

8 quarts [US, liquid] = 0.267 cubic feet 8 quarts [UK] = 0.321 cubic feet

Basic metric unit for the volume of a liquid?

The cubic meter. Derived units, especially the cubic decimeter (equal to liter), are often used in practice.

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