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2n+2n equals 4n

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What does 2N and 2N mean?
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What is the answer of 2n 5-2?

If you mean: 2n = 5-2 then n = 1.5

Slove multi-step equations 4n-2n 4?

If you mean: 4n-2n = 4 then 2n = 4 and n = 2

What does the expression diploid 2n number mean to you?

Every number multiplied by 2 is an even number, so that 2n is an even number. Usually we represent an even number by 2n.

What does 2n-m mean?

It is a linear expression in two variables.

What is the answer to 4n 1-23-2n?

If you mean: 4n = 1-23-2n then 6n = -22 and so n = 11/3

What does 2N mean in biology?

2N Refers to a diploid cell or organism, in which two copies of each gene are present. Cells before and after mitosis are 2N, or diploid. Cells before meiosis are 2n, and following meiosis are 1n, or haploid.

What is 2n plus 4m -2n plus m?

2n + 4m - 2n + m = 5m

What is 14-2n?

14-2n = 12

What is true of meiosis n to n n to 2n 2n to n or 2n to 2n?

n to n

How do you solve 17 plus 2n equals 21 plus 2n?

You can't. 17 + 2n = 21 + 2n gives: 2n = 4 + 2n which gives 0=4 which is not possible so the sum is not solveable.

What are the first 4 mutpules of 2n?

I am assuming that 2n is an algebraic expression, and n is limited to positive integer values. The first 4 multiples of 2n are 0 (2n*0), 2n (2n*1), 4n (2n*2), and 6n (2n*3). If you are looking for non-0 multiples, you would also include 8n (2n*4).

What does prefetch 2n mean in regards to a ddr memory module?

DDR1 has a prefetch of 2n, which means it can store 2 bits of data in each prefetch buffer.

What does 3 plus 2n mean?

Three more than twice a number.

What does (2n)3 equal in properties of exponents.?

2n x 2n x 2n = 8n^3

2n plus 19 equals -7?

2n + 19 = -7 2n = -7 - 19 2n = -26 n= -13

2n plus 35?

2n + 3 = 352n = 35 -32n = 32n = 32/2n = 16

How to write the phase for 2n plus 4?

2n plus 4 = 2n + 4

What is 2n-butoxy1ethanol?

2n-butoxy1ethanol = 1

How do you simplify 2n plus 2n?


What is 9-2n?

9-2n = 7

What is 19-2n?

19-2n = 17

What is 2n-155370?

2n-155370 = -155368

Are germ cells 2n or n?


What is 20-2n?

20-2n = 18

What is the coefficient of 8 2N?