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4.2 is approximate to

  • 0 to the nearest ten
  • 4 to the nearest whole number/unit
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Q: What does 4.2 round to?
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How do you round to the nearest thousands and ten thousands the 42 754?

When you round off 42 754 to the nearest thousands, you will have 40 000, and to ten thousands, you get 0.

How do you round 42 to the nearest hundred?

In order to round 42 to the nearest hundred, you answer these questions: -- What hundred is the next bigger hundred that's more than 42 ? -- What hundred is the last smaller hundred that's less than 42 ? -- Which one is 42 nearer to ?

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What percent of 100 is 41 out of 42?

97.6190476%. Or you can round it to 98% You do 41 divided by 42 to get you answer

Liters in a round pool 16 ft by 42 deep?

If the water is 42 inches deep, the total for a 16-foot round pool would be about 20,010 litres.

What is the rockwell hardness of ROUND en24?

42 to 45 HRC

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42.1 rounded to the nearest unit or nearest one is 42.

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Arsenic (As) because if you round 74.922 you get 75. Then you subtract the number of electron/protons 75-33=42

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I have a 18 round 42 deep.. and it takes about 8000 gals, so estimate a 14 id say about 5500 maybe

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How many people can sit at a 72" x 30" x 42" table

How many days are in 1000 hours?

There are 41 days, but if you round it, it will be 42 days.

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41.5 to 42.4

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42 hours

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between 29 and 33 people

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i believe that only 4...

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About 6,691 gallons.

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About 4,650 gallons.

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42/2pi is 6.68inches

What size tablecloth for a 42 round table?

If the table is 42 inches in diameter and the height is 29 inches then 102 inch tablecloth is perfect fit which gives drop to the ground.

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