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It is the temperature paper ignites at, homey.

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Q: What does 451 symbolize in Fahrenheit 451?
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What does darkness symbolize in Fahrenheit 451?


What do the relatives symbolize in Fahrenheir 451?

The relatives symbolize t.v. Shows or characters that interact with some in Fahrenheit 451

What does fire symbolize in Fahrenheit 451?

Fire symbolizes two things in the novel Fahrenheit 451. It symbolizes both destruction because the firemen burn books, and knowledge.

What does the Bible symbolize in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451 the Bible represents the faith of society being gone and withdrawn, the Bible represents a new beginning, a forgotten truth.

How hot to burn paper?

451 degrees Fahrenheit

What melts at 451 Fahrenheit?

I know that paper combusts at 451 deg fahrenheit.

Significance of the tile of Fahrenheit 451?

Fahrenheit 451 is the heat at which paper burns

What temperature does a book burn at?

451 degrees Fahrenheit, as the movie title reminds you.

In Fahrenheit 451 what does itch and scratch mean?

in Fahrenheit 451 what doe scratch mean?

What is a different title for Fahrenheit 451?

The title of Fahrenheit 451 is Fahrenheit 451. The shorter version of the story was called "The Fireman", which was the basis for Fahrenheit 451. The reason why this book was entitled Fahrenheit 451 is because the temperature in which books burn is Fahrenheit 451.

What do books control Fahrenheit 451?

Books control information. In Fahrenheit 451, the government controlled the source of information in order to control the people.

451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns?

Yes,it is.451 degrees Fahrenheit is the ignition point for paper.