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Q: What does 480 lines of resolution mean?
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What does it refer by 480p in USA?

480P refers to the number of lines in a progressive video. It is a definition of resolution on the screen. 480p60 is 480 lines resolution on the screen at 60 frames per second.

What's the best resolution available on a VCR?

S-VHS is recorded at a resolution of 560×480.

What is the video resolution of a Panasonic tv 1994 model is pv-m1323-a?

The PV-M1323-A is a standard definition TV, so it is capable of 480i resolution (480 vertical lines).

What is the video recording resolution on the new iPod Nano?

It has a resolution of 640-by-480.

What is the highest DVD resolution?

DVDs do not handle HD video so their maximum resolution is 576 line for European standards and 480 lines for North American television standards. These are the line counts for standard definition video.

How do you write height and width statements?

I assume You mean, Which Comes first Height or Width? Typically when speaking its Width First then Height. Example: When someone is describing the resolution of the Computer monitor they may say I have my resolution set at 640 by 480 (640 x 480) This refers to the WIDTH x HEIGHT of the pixels in the resolution (640 Pixels Horizontally/WIDTH & 480 Pixels Vertically/HEIGHT)

How many Pixels is a standard CRT Resolution?


What is the resolution of the default DarkGDK window?

The resolution of the default DarkGDK window is 640 X 480. That is 640 wide and 480 in the vertical. Top of pg. 43 in C++ textbook.

Display resolution for vga standard?

640 X 480

What is a standard acceptable print resolution?

640 x 480

What is screen resolution size of 21inch tv?


What screen resolution is required to play Team Fortress 2?

minimum resolution is 640 x 480.