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4 hectometres = 4*100 metres = 400 metres

= 400*10 decimetres = 4000 decimetres.

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Q: What does 4 hectometer to decimeter?
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How many hectometers are there in one decimeter?

1 hectometer = 100 meters. 1 decimeter = 0.1 meters(1 decimeter)*(0.1 meter/decimeter)/(100 meter/hectometer) = 0.001 hectometer

Is a hectometer bigger than a decimeter?

yes it is.

Is 1 hectometer larger than 1 decimeter?

yes, by a whole lot. 1 decimeter is 10 centimeters, but 1 hectometer is 100 meters

How many hectometers go into a decimeters?

There are 10 decometers in one hectometer.

How many centimeters are in 45 hectometers?

(45 hectometer)*(100 meter/hectometer)*(10 decimeter/meter) = 45000 decimeters

What is shorter than a meter which decimeter hectometer kilometer dekameter?


What are the metric lengths?

Kilometer, Hectometer, Decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter

700000 cubic decimeter equals cubic hectometer?

700,000 cubic decimeters = 0.0007 cubic hectometers.

How do you convert hectometers to centimeter?

hectometer = 100 meter dekameter = 10 meter meter = 1 meter decimeter =0.1 meter Accordingly, to converrt from decimeter to hectometer divide by 1000 (one thousand).

What is the order of these metric units from smallest to greatest meter millimeter kilometer decimeter centimeter dekameter hectometer?

millimeter (.001m), decimeter (.01m), centimeter(.1m), meter (1m), dekameter (10m), hectometer (100m), kilometer (1000m)millimeter (milli = 1/1000)centimeter (centi = 1/100)decimeter (deci = 1/10)meter (no prefix = 1)dekameter (deka = 10)hectometer (hecto = 100)kilometer (kilo = 1000)

44million hectres is how many square kilometer?

1 meter = .1 decimeter = .01 hectometer = .001 kilometer 1 square meter = .01 square decimeter = .0001 square hectometer = .00000001 square kilometer Hectare is another word for square hectometer So 44 million hectares = .44 square kilometer... (do hope my math is still good :D)

What is measured by distant?

Anything that is measured in distance is length. Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Dekameter, Hectometer and Kilometer.