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2.258 square meters.

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Q: What does 50 inches wide by 70 inches long convert to in meters?
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What is the area of a sheet of metal which is 8 ft 3 inches long and 2.60 meters wide?

Convert both dimensions into feet or meters and multiply them to obtain square feet or square meters

If a room is 157 inches long and 51 inches wide how many square meters are there?

203.378 sq meters

How many SQUARE meters are in a floor that is 288 inches wide by 384 inches long?

288 inches = 7.3152 meters and384 inches = 9.7536 metersso, the answer is 71.34953472 square meters

How do you convert 107 inches wide x 158 inches long to square feet?

107' x 12

Measurement of cricket pitch?

It is 20.12 meters (66 ft and 0.1259842519684753 inches) long and 3 meters(9 ft and 10.110236220472416 inches)wide.

If a floor is 63 inches long and 51 inches wide will a 5x6 rug cover the entire floor?

convert the 5'X6' to inches and you will have your answer

What is the measurement of a dollar bill?

A dollar bill is a little over 6 inches long and about 3 inches wide

How many cubic meter are in a floor 4 inches thick 564 inches long by 204 inches wide?

7.54 cubic meters

How do you convert 50 feet long by 8 inches wide by 3 inches deep into cubic yards?

0.92592592 cubic yards.

How do you convert 25 inches long by 15 inches wide by 10 inches high?

The volume of 25 inches times 15 inches times 10 inches is 3750 cubic inches.

How many yards are 80 inches wide and 90 inches long?

The length is measured in meters. You've asked what is the unit of measurement.

How do you convert a square meter to linear yard at 60 wide?

at 60 " wide how do you convert linear yards to meters

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