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It depends. If it rounds to the nearest ten, which you're probably asking, it would round to 70. to the nearest hundred, it would be 100. To anything greater than that it would round to zero, and anything less than the nearest ten, it would round to 74.

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Q: What does 74 round to?
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How do you round 74?

drop 74 to 70

Round 73.7 to the nearest whole number?


What 74 round to the nearest ten?


Round 74 to the nearest ten?

It is: 70

What is 74 round off each to nearest tens?

74 rounded off to the nearest 10 is 70.

What are the smallest and biggest whole numbers that round to 70?

66 and 74

What does the zolpidem pill look like?

white round with the number 74 on it

What caliber is the AK-74?

It uses the 5.45x39 round that means it is .2145 cal.

How do you round 2174 to the hundreds place?

It is: 2200 because 74 is greater than 50

What is the bullet size of an AK -47?

The AK-47 uses the 7.62x39mm round. Note that the AK-74, a similar firearm uses the different 5.45x29mm round.

Small white round pill with 93 on one side and 74 on the other?

This drug is Zolpidem Tartrate.

Round 74 283.629 to the nearest hundredth?


Why would you round 73 753 to 74 000 or 70 000 but not to 73 000?

You would round 73753 to 74000 if rounding to the nearest 1000, as it is nearer to that. You would round it to 70000 if rounding to the nearest 10000. To round it to 73000 would be done if the instruction was to round down to the nearest 1000.

How do you subtract 25.65 from 100?

First round 25.65 to 26 and then subtract it from 100, the difference being 74. Next add 0.35, the difference between 25.65 and 27, to 74. That sum, 74.35, is the answer to the question.

What is the smallest number that round to 70 when rounded to the nearest tens?

74 (or 74.99... if you're not just looking for whole numbers.)

What semi auto guns shoot the 5.45x39 round?

Several AR 15 makers make uppers for it. --- This round was originally chambered for the AK-74 series of rifles.

What are the smallest and largest whole numbers that round to 70 when rounded to the nearest 10?

Largest is 74 Smallest is 65

What is the percent of change round to the nearest whole percent if necessary is the percent change an increase or decrease if it is 99 to 74?

25.25% decrease

How do you round to nearest fifty?

Anything that ends in 75 to 24 rounds to zero. Anything that ends in 25 to 74 rounds to fifty.

How Round 74.24 to the nearest whole number?

It is 74 rounded to the nearest whole number because .2 is less than .5

What is double 37?


Round 6.7495 to two decimal places?

6.7495 to 2 decimal places: 6.75 (because 6.[7495] - 74 are the 2 decimals, but 95 is over 50, so you round it up to 75[00])

How many tens in 740?


What does 115 round up to the nearest ten?

115 rounded to the nearest ten is 120

What is 18.73 if you round it to the nearest hundredth?

if you round it then it would be 18.70 because anything 5 or higher then it would be to the next tens place example like 76 and i want to round it,then i would round it to 80 because it's 5 and higher but if it was 74 then i would make it to 70 because it's less than 5.I hope i gave you a little trick lesson