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its how many people the devil killed

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โˆ™ 2009-11-13 22:02:31
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Q: What does 888 really mean is that the devils number?
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What is the full number for 888-56-model?

what do you mean that is its full number

Does 888 mean anything?

888 is the number of Jesus in the Greek alphabet. Just as 666 is the number of a man as referenced in the bible, 888 is the number of Jesus. In the Greek alphabet each number is assigned a numerical value and when Jesus is spelled in the Greek, his name comes out to the sum of 888. The original language of the NEw Testament was Aramaic.there is no such thing as 888 if u mean its as numbers like "69" etc.... sorrywiki on! :)

What are the factors of 888?

888 is not a prime number. It has more factors than 1 and the number itself. The 16 Factors of 888 are 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24, 37,74,111,148,222, 296, 444, and 888.

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The number is 1-888-ROGERS1(888-764-3771)

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What is the 888 number for HomeLight real estate?

The 888 number for HomeLight real estate is 888-998-1909. This is the main toll-free number for the company and this is where questions can be answered.

What does 888 mean in all religion's?

888 is the numerological value for Jesus.

What is the smallest number in this group .8 .888 or .96?


How do you spell 888?

The number 888 is spelled "eight hundred and eighty-eight."

75 of 888?

did you mean 75 per cent of 888? if so its 666

What is the largest three digit number that has both vertical and horizontal symmetry?


What is the largest 3 digit number in base 9?

It is 888 which, in decimal equivalent, is 728.

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(888) TW-Cable (888-892-2253)

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What does dccclxxxviii mean in roman numerals?


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The number for Time Warner is (888) TW-Cable or (888-892-2253).

What does the area code 888 denote?

The area code 888 denotes a toll-free number accessible within the United States and Canada. The company that owns the 888 number pays for the calls made to it.

What is the toll-free number for TVOKids?

It is 1-888-TVO-KIDS (1-888-886-5437)

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bought 14k necklace hollowfilled necklace has marked 888 on clasp end what does this mean?

Air Canada's number?

The number is 1-888-247-2262

How much it costs to call 888-771-4044?

The area code 888 is an established toll free number

What is pnone number for Sirius shade 45 radio?

1-888-Shade45 (1-888-742-3345)

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1-888-BEST BUY or 1-888-237-8289