What does 8 ball mean?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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8-ball is a classic billiards game, probably the canonical game played in the U.S. It is actually played with 15 balls (excluding the cue ball).

To be "behind the 8-ball" or simply "8-balled" is to be put in an impossible or difficult situation; the term derives from the billiards game, where it is illegal to strike the 8-ball until the end of the game. "8-ball" can be used as a generic exclamation of success or victory.

In slang, "8-ball" refers to 3.5 grams of cocaine. Traditionally, cocaine was packaged for sale in rolled up baggies; hence, "ball". The '8' may refer to the amount 1/8 ounce, or possibly the street value of 8 "dimes" ($80) In a rarer usage 8-ball refers to a 40-oz can of Olde English 800 malt liquor. It can also refer to a cocktail made with V8 juice and vodka.

"8-ball" is a colloquial (and possibly offensive) term for a black person, with emphasis on a clean-shaven hairstyle.

In aviation, "8-ball" is slang for the artificial horizon indicator, which is ball-shaped. (Unlike the black 8-ball of billiards, it is brown and blue.) The term is used at one point in the script of "Apollo 13".

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Q: What does 8 ball mean?
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A ball in the hand is worth two in the bush.

What does the 8 ball patch mean for Hells Angels bike club?

Been behind 8 ball. been behind bars...

Can you sink the eightball legally off of your own ball in billiards?

No, if you mean in the game of 8 Ball. In 8 Ball, pocketing the 8 ball is required to be its own shot to be considered "legal contact", so hitting any other numbered ball first, your's or opponent's, is not legal contact with the 8 ball.

B-ball of crystal meth?

Do you mean a "8- Ball" of meth... that's 3.5 grams

What if you don't touch the 8 ball while trying to win in 8 ball?

It is a foul. Under BCA and APA rules, if your object ball is the 8 ball and you fail to contact it first on your shot, it is a foul and the opponent gets ball in hand. Under some house rules in the US, it can mean loss of game.

What does a tattoo of a eight ball on your wrist mean?

Luck, Chance, Hope, Gambling, Predicting the future? Think about the purpose of an 8 ball...

Where is the 8 ball on sims kingdom?

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In 8 ball is the 8 ball neutral?

The eight ball is the ball you hit after all your balls are sinked. * Added - Under APA Rules the 8 ball is not neutral. Under many House Rules, the 8 ball is neutral.

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an 8 ball is an eighth of an ounce. so an 8 ball of speed is 3.5 grams

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The number 8. there is nothing that special about a 8 ball.

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