What does Aduana mean?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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It means "customs", as in control of borders and import/export.

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Q: What does Aduana mean?
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What is Anduana?

I guess that you mean Aduana , Aduana is Spanish for "Customs"

What does 'la aduana' mean in English?

It means "customs".

When was Aduana Stars created?

Aduana Stars was created in 1985.

What is the Aduana in Spain?

Aduana just means "Customs", like "Customs and Immigration".

What is aduana?


When was Palacio de la Aduana - Málaga - created?

Palacio de la Aduana - Málaga - was created in 1829.

What is the aduana?

The customs agency which collects taxes on imports and exports.

What are the release dates for Fuera de serie - 1995 RP L-A- Aduana?

Fuera de serie - 1995 RP L-A- Aduana was released on: USA: 10 July 2011

What is the Spanish word for customs?

To say 'customs' in Spanish, you would say 'la aduana.'

For what club does Stephen Adams play?

As of June 2014, Stephen Adams plays for Aduana Stars, a club in Ghana.

Ayudenme a encontra el directorio telefonico de matamoros tamaulipas x inetrnet gracias?

telefono de dirigente sindicato aduana de matamoros tamaulipas irma segoviano aldape

What has the author Claudio Panella written?

Claudio Panella has written: 'La ley de aduana de 1836 y su incidencia en las provincias' -- subject(s): Argentina, Customs administration, Economic conditions, History, Law and legislation, Politics and government, Tariff