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Q: What does ECP fault code 0441 in a DG set of mean?
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What does going to ecp mean for the military my boyfriend who is in Afghanistan told me that but I do not knowwhat ecp stands for?

Perhaps the Enlisted Commision Program

What does the military acronym ECP mean?

Entry Control Point

What does ecp mean on the left dash in a jetta?

Eletronic Power Control

What is an ECP pill?

ECP is short for emergency contraceptive pill

What is the full form of ECP?

ECP stands for .Election Commission Pakistan.Electronic Computer Processing.

What is an engineering change proposal?


What do the acronyms EPP and ECP represent?

Three letter acronyms and initialisms can mean a great many different things, depending on the context in which they are used.among other things, EPP can mean:European People's PartyExtensible Provisioning ProtocolEmergency Preparedness PlanSimilarly, ECP can mean:Encryption Control Protocol

Why might you choose to use ECP mode for your parallel port rather than EPP mode?

ECP is faster (because it uses a DMA channel).

What is the airport code for Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport?

The airport code for Northwest Florida Regional Airport is VPS.

If ECP mode does not work on your parrell port what should you do next?

As much as possible keep the default setting of ECP; otherwise, you can also select an IRQ (interrupt request) line for the port.

Which parallel port uses a dma channel?

ECP was designed to increase speed over EPP by using a DMA channel; therefore, when using ECP mode, you are using a DMA channel.

When might you need to disable ECP mode for parallel port?

An occasion when you need to disable the ECP mode for parallel port is when resource conflicts occur. In such a case, the EPP mode is the better option.