What does Ingenuous mean?

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adj. frank, straightforward; simple, innocent, unsophisticated; naive

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Q: What does Ingenuous mean?
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Related questions

What does naif mean?

Naive or ingenuous (adj) - a naive or ingenuous person (noun)

Is an ingenuous person crafty or naive Why?

naive because ingenuous means innocent and unsuspecting naive is asynonymfor ingenuous.

Sentence for ingenuous?

Sentence with the word ingenuous: He made an ingenuous admission to the teacher that he did not complete his homework as he had gone out with friends the previous evening.

Can you give me a sentence with ingenuous?

The young man was inexperienced, trusting, naive and ingenuous.

What do ingenuous believe?

Please review and edit the question; you do not want 'ingenuous', that is an adjective.

How would one use the word ingenuous in a sentence?

The word "ingenuous" would be used in a sentence like the word primitive. A example would be: "He told the truth because he was ingenuous." It can be also used for the phrase "ingenuous question".

What is the meaning of ingenuous?

Of honorable extraction; freeborn; noble; as, ingenuous blood of birth., Noble; generous; magnanimous; honorable; upright; high-minded; as, an ingenuous ardor or zeal., Free from reserve, disguise, equivocation, or dissimulation; open; frank; as, an ingenuous man; an ingenuous declaration, confession, etc., Ingenious.

A sentence with the word ingenuous?

He was not offended by her direct question because her manner was so ingenuous.

Sentence with ingenuous?

A good sentence using the word 'ingenuous' could be 'The student made an ingenuous remark by saying they forgot their homework on the bus'. Another sentence might be 'Sarah's ingenuous behavior made her easy prey for the robbery'.

How can you use the word 'ingenuous' in a sentence?

She was getting tired of the child's constant need to ask ingenuous questions. The little girl was in fact ingenuous because she told the truth.

What is a sentence using the word ingenuous?

(not to be confused with ingenious, ingenuous means naive, frank, or candid)"In Billy Budd, Melville creates an innocent and ingenuous character.""New Orleans Saints fans have always appreciated the ingenuous nature of coach Sean Payton."

Do ingenious and ingenuous have similar meanings?


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