What does Kirstin mean?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Gender: Female Origin: Greek Meaning: Christ-Bearer

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Q: What does Kirstin mean?
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What does the name Kirstin mean?

The name "Kirstin" means "follow of Christ".

What does the name KIRSTIN mean in Hebrew?

the name Kirstin as it is a christian name is not related to Hebrew.

Is kirstin in the song starstruck by 3oh3 and Katy perry?

Kirstin who?

When was Kirstin Normand born?

Kirstin Normand was born in 1974.

When was Kirstin Freye born?

Kirstin Freye was born in 1975.

How tall is Kirstin Howell?

Kirstin Howell is 5' 7".

How tall is Kirstin Benson?

Kirstin Benson is 5' 6".

How tall is Kirstin Hesse?

Kirstin Hesse is 164 cm.

How tall is Kirstin Vanhooser?

Kirstin Vanhooser is 5' 7".

When was Kirstin Hesse born?

Kirstin Hesse was born in 1980.

How many people have the name kirstin?

i have not heard the name Kirstin often... it is not very popular. P.S. Kirstin is a very cute name:-)

What is Hawaiian for kirstin?

The phonetic translation would be Kilekeni.