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network topology is a set of rule .which type of network are working .

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Q: What does Network topology mean?
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What do you mean by topology?

what do you understand by topology of network

What do you mean by the term topology?

topology means connections of two or more computer on a network.

What is the term network topology mean?

The term network topology is the arrangement of the various elements of a computer network. This includes links and nodes. It is essentially the whole structure of the network.

The physical layout of nodes on a network is known as?

Network Topology

Why does network topology matter to design a network?

yes, network topology does matter to design a network. as we know that topology is a structure of network. without a topology network cannot be designed. we have to consider which topology to use and what does each topology does. different topology have its different features. if you want most secure connection use full mesh topology

What to do mean by the term topology?

The term topology means the configuration of network communication through net connection.

Which topology is the most commonly used server network topology?

Star topology is the most commonly used network topology.

What kind of computer network or network topology does the banks used?

Bus Network Topology.

What is the conclusion of network topology?

The conclusion of network topology is to ensure that the system is working as required. Topology refers to the physical wiring process in a network.

Which topology is best in network?

The star topology

Which topology is bidirectional?

Ring Network Topology

What is the fastest Network Topology?

bus topology

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