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Times. Four of fives is four lots of fives of 4 times five which is 20.

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Q: What does OF mean in a math tense?
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What does will be mean in math?

"will be" does not have a special meaning in mathematics. It is the same as in normal English usage: the future tense for to be.

Which tense is demonstrated your mother has taught math at the local university?

the tense present perfect

What is 7 over10 as a decimal?

The answers really is 0.7 in math tense.

What does ''mi'' stand for in math?


What is the past tense for you mean?

The past tense is you meant.

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What does am mean in simple past tense?

The simple past tense of 'am' is 'was' or 'were'

What does verb tense consistency mean?

Consistency in verb tense means that all the verbs are in the same tense.

What is the present and future tense of the word mean?

Present tense: I/you/we/they mean. He/she/it means. The present participle is meaning. Future tense: Will mean.

What tense does this sentence demonstrate your mother has taught math at the local university?

The verbal phrase is 'has taught.' So, the answer is the present perfect tense. It consists of have/has + the past participle of the verb.

What does reasonableness mean in math?

I wanted to know what is reasonableness in math mean

What does 10y mean in math?

what does 10y mean in math as in is it the quotient or the product?

What is the past tense and past participle of mean?

Meant is the past tense of mean.

What does comparison mean in math?

in math

What does figure math mean?

figure math means figure math

What does it mean if A girl asked you for help in math what does it mean?

she needs help in math.

What does HL mean in math terms?

HL in math mean hypotenuse leg

What is the past tense of kneed?

Kneed is the past tense of knee. If you mean knead, the past tense is kneaded.

What does present tense mean?

A verb tense that expresses actions or states at this moment.

What does the verb 'tense' mean?

When you tense a muscle, you are tightening it or contracting it. The opposite is to relax.

What is the pat tense of teach?

Past tense you mean? =Taught

What is the past tense for decision?

I think you mean "decide", which is "decided" in the past tense.

What does math fever mean?

When you love math

What is the past tense of sturdy?

Sturdy is not a verb but an adjective and therefore has no past tense, unless you mean "this was sturdy" etc.

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