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one thousand joules equals a KJ

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Q: What does One thousand joules equal?
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What does one thousand watts equal?

That is called a kilowatt (kW). It is also equal to 1000 joules/second.

How many joules in a kilojoule?

"Kilo" means "one thousand", so kilojoule is a thousand joules.

How many joules equal one calorie?

There are about 4.184 joules in a calorie.

Ten thousand joules per second equal to?

10,000 watts or 13.6 horsepower.

Ten thousand joules per second is equal to?

10 kilowatts

What unit of power is equal to one thousand per second?

A thousand of what unit? 1 joule/second = 1 watt. 1000 joules/second = 1000 watts or 1 kilowatt.

How many thousand equal to one million?

A thousand thousand equal one million.

How many kilojoules in 3872.8 joules?

Kilo is the prefix for one thousand. So, 3,872.8 joules is 3.8728 kilojoules.

Convert 9.0eV into joules?

One electron volt (eV) is equal to 1.60218 E (-19) joules. Therefore, 9.0 eV is equal to 1.44196 E (-18) joules.

What do one thousand meters equal?

One thousand meters equal one kilometer .

What does One million joules equal?

0.1 Megajoule

What is larger Kilojoule or megajoule?

A megajoule is bigger than a kilojoule because there is one million joules in a megajoule and only one thousand joules in a kilojoule.

What does kilojules mean?

A 'kilojoule' is one thousand joules. This is a unit of work energy.

What is used to measure enegry?

Energy is measured in Joules or calories. One calorie is equal to 4.184 Joules, not to be confused with kilocalories or Calories (with a capital C) which, in concordance with the metric system is equal to 4184 Joules.

How many joules is equal to one horse power?


What is the energy used in one second when a bulb have 40Watts.?

40 Joules, I think, as the formula for Watts is Joules/Second = Joules per second 40 Watts should equal 40 Joules per one second...

How many grams equal a kiloigram?

One thousand grams equal to one kilogram.Kilo is a prefix for thousand.

What does one thousand liters equal?

one hundred thousand millilitres

How many one thousand equal a million?

One thousand thousands.

How many joules are there in gravity?

joules have nothing to do with gravity. gravity is measured in g's earths gravity is equal to one G

What is one thousand litres?

one thousand litres is equal to...ONE THOUSAND LITRES! lol...i have NO idea

In what unit is power measured?

The SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.The SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.The SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.The SI unit for power is the watt, which is equal to joules/second.

How many joules is equal to 7.456 calories?

31.22 joules.

How do you convert Joules to Calories?

Remember that one calorie is equivalent to 4.18400 Joules. Also remember that a food calorie (Calorie) is equal to 1000 calories. So one Calorie is equal to 4.184 kJ of energy.

One thousand grams equal one?

One thousand grams = one kilogram (kg)