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Points Against (how many points their opponents have scored against them during the season), and Points For (how many points the team itself has scored during the season)

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Q: What does PA and PF mean in NFL statistics?
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What does Net Pts mean in NFL standings?

In any NFL team standing, the Net Points (Net Pts) are the Points For (PF) minus the Points Against (PA). PF - PA = Net Pts

What does the PF and PA in the NFL stats mean?

PF means Points For. PA means Points Against. So if you are looking at a team after week 1 who won 35-14, PF would = 35, and PA would = 14.

What do Net Points ts in NFL standings mean?

In any NFL team standing, the Net Points (Net Pts) are the Points For (PF) minus the Points Against (PA). PF - PA = Net Pts

What do PF and PA mean in NFL standings?

PF means Points For: how many points a team has scored. PA means Points Against: how many points a team has allowed by the other team.

What does PF mean in rugby statistics?

Points For??

What does PF in NFL sports stand for?

PF in an NFL stat sheet means Points For. Youll also see PA which is Points Against!

What does PF and PA in football standings mean?

Pf= points for (points scored) Pa= points against

What does PF and TO mean in basketball statistics?

== == "PF" either stands for Personal Fouls or Power Forward. TO only stands for turnover. == ==

What Does PF Mean in NFL Standings?

Points For, the cumulative number of points scored by a team for the season. PA, is Points Against, the cumulative number of points scored against a team for the season.

What do pf and pa mean in fantasy football standings?

pf: points for (points scored by your team) PA: Points Against (points scored by the teams you were matched up against each week)

What is PF in NFL?

points for

What does the PF and PA in basketball stats mean?

In basketball stats, PF means "Personal Foul". PF also means "Power Forward", a position on a basketball team.If you are looking at NBA standings, PF means "Points For", or how many points a team is averaging, and PA means "Points Against", or how many points they are allowing.

What does PF stand for in NFL stats?

Points for

What is the calculation or the formula on the quotient system in basketball scoring?

Q.S. = PF/PA Legend Q.S. = Quotient Systyem PF = Points for PA = Points against

What does net points means in NFL?

The Net Points in NFL Standing represents the PF (points for, or points scored by the team) minus PA (points against, or points scored by opponents on the team). AKA it is how many more points a team has scored than they have let up.

What PF mean?

Paul Frank

What does PF mean?

Personal Foul

How can you say PF in the stats of basketball stands for personal fouls when it is always compared with PA which is Points Allowed?

PF can stand for Personal Fouls or Points For. If you see it listed next to PA then it means Points For. In that case, Personal Fouls will be listed as F, or Fouls.

What does pf mean in football?

Personal foul

What does pf mean in basketball?

personal foul

What does pf mean in coin grading?


What does pf mean in baseball?

power forward.

How pf and pa calculated in football?

PF and PA are simply abreviations for points forced and points allowed, respectively. They are also known as points for and points against. Both are calculated by simply adding up the sum of all the points scored in either a single game or a season. The PF is the total sum of all points scored by the team being analyzed. The PA is all of the points scored against said team by their opponent(s).

What does pf mean in text messaging?

personal favourite

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