What does PI stands for?

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PI stands for "private investigator." In Mathematics, pi is the greek letter used as a constant when doing problems with circles. It's the ratio of a circumferemce to a diameter.

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Q: What does PI stands for?
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Which words have pi in them?

the word pi as a mathematics multiple by pi .r.2that's what pi stands for.

In the formula of pi what dose s stands for?

there is no s in PI

Do you multiply the radius or the diameter of pi?

The raduis.It's pi, r squared. the r stands for radius!

What assembles to make ATP?

ADP and Pi assemble to make ATP. ADP stands for adenosine diphosphate and Pi stands for inorganic phosphate and they assemble to make adenosine triphosphate or ATP>

What does pi alpha nu mean?

pi stands for pie which is an number that ithink you divide the number is 3.14159265 π this is the simble of pi im not sure about the other ones

How do you calculate the circumference of a circle if you know the diameter?

Multiply the diameter by Pi as the formula Pi x d = Circumference. Where d stands for diameter.

What is the PI value of power transformer?

PI stands for polarization index. We need to find IR value(IR1) for 1min and again find the IR value(IR2) for 10min. PI=IR2/IR1

What is the meaning of Seattle pi?

"Seattle Pi" stands for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It is an online newspaper based in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle PI carries local news for Seattle, national news, and a fairly extensive comics section.

What is pie are square?

This is a play on words on the well known area of a circle formula; (pi)r^2 pi= 3.14 and r stands for your radius. BTW Pie are round.

What is cicumference in math?

A circumference is the distance around a circle. To find a circle's circumference you need to follow the formula: d*pi The d stands for diameter and pi is 3.14. You need to mulitply the length of the diameter by pi for the circumference. Or, if the diameter isn't given, multiply the radius by 2 and then multiply that by pi.

What is the circumference of d equals 7yds?

Assuming that d stands for diameter, circumference = pi*d = 21.99 yards.

Most accurate calculation of pi?

According to most news sources (and Wikipedia), the most accurate calculation of pi currently stands at five trillion digits (5,000,000,000,000 digits!) That's quite a lot.

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