What does STD devs stand for?

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standard deviations

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Q: What does STD devs stand for?
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In religion what does STD stand for?

Doctor of Sacred Theology

What does std on a paycheck stand for?

Short Term Disabilty

Where does SDSU stand in the STD rankings?

Number 1. loud and proud.

What is STD benefit stand for?

STD in non medical terms can be Short Term Disability; therefore it looks like you are covered with STD and possibly LTD as well. Check with your HR department.

What does the abbreviation STD mean?

STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease.S.T.D. with periods stands for Doctorate of Sacred Theology. most famously seen on the cover of the Strong's concordance.In the context of telephone codes, STD stands for "Subscriber Trunk Dialling," which is to say intercity calls dialed directly by the customer without operator assistance. "STD Code" is another term for telephone area code.On a paycheck, STD can stand for short term disability.STDev can also stand for "standard" or "standard deviation"STD Means Standard Trunk DialingSexually Transmitted Disease.If by that you mean "what does STD stand for?", it means Sexually Transmitted Disease.

What does STD code stand for?

STD, in this case, stands for Subscriber Trunk Dialling. It is the telephone calling code assigned to a given area. This is then followed by the individual number.

Can you go to school if you have an STD?

Junior std to 10th std

What is mening of STD ISD?

Given this question is in the Technology section, I'm going to assume it's technology based... They are telecommunication based abbreviations which stand for...STD: Subscriber Trunk Dialling.ISD: International Subscriber Dialling.

What does the sexual acronym SD stand for?

It stands for Sexual Disease. Normally, you will see STD which stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease.

What does fxstd stand for on a Harley Davidson?

The FX represents the style of front end on the bike. The STD is Soft Tail Deuce.

Is dySplasia an std?

No, it is not a STD.

Who is the richest hockey player?

iyla kovalchuk after the devs gave him his 100m contract

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