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Q: What does Scout spend 30 cents on?
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On what does scout squander her 30 cents?

Scout squandered her first nickel on the "House of Horrors" and some more on Mrs. Taylor's divinity. She also wanted to bob for apples which leads us to believe that Scout still had money left.

If I buy six 30 cent lollies how much will I spend?

one dollar eighty cents0.30 x 6 = 1.80

On what does scout ''squander'' her thirty cents?

Scout squanders her thirty cents on pounds and pounds of bubble gum.

How many ways can you make 30 cents?

3 ways. 10 cents+10 cents+10 cents=30 cents 20 cents+10 cents=30 cents 5 cents+5 cents+5 cents+5 cents+5 cents+5 cents=30 cents Hope that helped you

Were Girl Scout cookies ever 25 cents a box?

Yes, Girl Scout cookies were 25 cents per box in the early years. From 1922 to about 1952 Girl Scout cookies cost approximately 25 cents per box, depending on where the cookies were sold.

What was the price of Girl Scout cookies in 1968?

The price for Girl Scout cookies in 1969, depending on the Girl Scout council, was from $0.50 to $1.00.

How do you convent a dollar to 86 cents?

You spend 14 cents

How many nickels are in 30?

If you mean in 30 cents, there are 6 nickels (30 cents / 5 cents = 6) If you mean 30 dollars, the answer is 600 nickels (3000 cents / 5 cents)

What is 30 cents percentage of cents from 2dollars?

30 cents/2 dollars = 30 cents/200 cents = 3/20 = 100*3/20% = 15%

How much is 15 persnt of 30 cents or dollars?

15% of 30 cents is 4.5 cents 15% of 30 dollars is 4.5 dollars

What was the price of Girl Scout cookies in 1965?

35 cents per box when my sisters sold them in the mid-1950's. By the time I sold them in the mid-1960's, they were up to 50 cents per box and maybe even 60 cents the last year I sold. I remember having to have lots of change!

What is the definition for cents per mile?

the definition is how much you spend per mile in cents.