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A 140 degree angle is about half way between a 90 degree angle, which has lines that are perpendicular to each other, and a 180 degree angle, which is a straight line. A 140 degree angle is an obtuse angle which has a line a little over half way between the 90 degree and 180 degree angles.

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Q: What does a 140 degree angle look like?
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Related questions

What is 140 degrees angle called?

A 140 degree angle would be called an obtuse angle.

What is the complementary angle of 140 degrees?

No angle can be complementary to a 140 degree angle, as the sum of complementary angles is 90 degrees. But angles which are supplementary to each other add together to form a 180 degree angle.

What is the reference angle to a 140 degree angle?


If a beam of light strikes a smooth surface like a mirror at a 40 angle degree at what angle will it be reflected?

The beam of light will be reflected at an angle of 140 degrees.

The supplementary angle of a 40 degree angle has how many degrees?


Show shape of 140 degree angle?

140 degrees

What is the measure of the supplement of a 140 degree angle?

40 degrees ( 180 - 140 = 40 )

Right triangle 140 degree angle?

In a right triangle the greatest angle is 90 degrees.

How do you draw a 140 degree angle?

Unless you are ready for some complicated trigonometry, I would suggest that you use a protractor and draw a 50 degree angle BEYOND a right angle.

Can you draw an angle of 70 degree without protractor?

Yes by bisecting an angle of 140 degrees with a compass

Can an isosceles triangle have a 140 degree angle and why?

Yes. The angle that is not the same can be 140 degrees. Because the other two angles are equal, then they would both be 20 degrees.

What is the number of sides of a regular polygon where each interior angle is 140 degree greater than each interior angle?


What shape is 140 degree angle?

An angle of 140º is obtuse - that is, it is greater than 90º and less than 180º

What is a 140 degree angle called?

An angle of 140 degrees is an obtuse angle because it is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees.

What type of triangle has 2 congruent sides and one 140 degree angle?

Obtuse Triangle

Which type of angle measures 140 degrees?

An Obtuse angle is any angle in which its degree is greater than 90 and less than 180.

What is the degree measurement of each angle of a nonogon?

Providing it is a regular nonagon: Exterior angle: 40 degrees Interior angle: 140 degrees

How many degree is each interior angle of a regular nonagon?

Each interior angle of a regular 9 sided shape measures 140 degrees

How to makke a supplimentaryangle of 40 degree?

40 + x = 180 180 - 40 = 140 supplementary angle = 140 degrees

Can an isosceles triangle have a 140 degree angle?

Sure. The other two angles would then be 20 each.

What is an angle of 140 degrees called?

140 degrees is an obtuse angleAn angle of 140 degrees would be called obtuse.

How much money would you make in one week if you made 5 every time the hands of a clock formed a 90 degree angle?

you would get 140 dollars because a clock forms a 90 degree angle only 4 times a day and if you multiply 4 and 7 you would get 28 multiply by 5 and you get 140$

What is the supplement of a 40 degree angle?

You would subtract 40 degrees from 180 degrees so it would look like this:180 degrees - 40 degrees = 140 degrees

Two angles of a triangle each measure 70 what is the measure of the third angle in degree?

The sum of the angles is 180 degrees in any triangle. So 180-140 is 40 and the third angle is 40 degrees.

Can a right triangle have a 140 degree angle?

No, not really. The two remaining interior angles have to add up to 90, since the sum of the angles in a triangle must total 180. The right angle means you have already used 90, so the remaining two must have a sum of 90. There is a more complex answer. Right triangles can have an external angle of 140. If angle A is 90 degrees, and angle B is 40 degrees, then angle C will be 50 degrees. The external angle at the extension of AB, through corner B, namely the extension of a ray from A through B, will create an angle with segment CB. It will be the sum of the measures of A and C: 140 degrees.

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