What does a 2.95 psa score mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What does a 2.95 psa score mean?
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What does a 11.5 PSA test mean?

A PSA score of 11.5 is high. Normal PSA for men age 50 is 4-6, but a high PSA in itself does not mean the presence of prostate cancer. A high PSA can indicate an enlarged prostate or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate infection. A urologist can determine your condition through a biopsy to detect the presence of cancer cells.

What does it mean if your psa score is 274?

I'm afraid you'd have to tell me what 'psa' means. I don't think a human malewith a Prostate Specific Antigen concentration of 274 could be walking around.

Is 4.6 abnormal for prostate specific AG?

4.6 is high, I know because that was my psa score. Your free PSA score would be a more accurate reading in regards to Prostate Cancer

What does the medical abbreviation PSA mean?

PSA means prostate specific antigen.Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Is 3.1 psa test score ok for a 72 year old man?


What does a psa of 0.6 mean?

A PSA of 0.6 is great. That means your prostate is very healthy.

What is the average ACT score to get into Iowa state university?

A score of 24.

What is the average ACT score needed to get into Iowa State University?

A score of 24.

What does a 7 PSA test result mean?


What does PSA mean in Peugeot Cintron?

Peugeot Société Anonyme

When one person have blood test a very high psa the possibility of prostate cancer is?

An elevated PSA reading does not necessarily mean that there is cancer present. It could be a benign condition causing the high PSA such as BPH.

What do higher than normal PSA levels mean?

Elevated PSA levels can mean different things. It can point to a higher risk of cancer of the prostate or it could point to a more benign enlargement of the prostate. It is important to understand that prostate cancer can occur with normal PSA levels present. Your boyfriend should follow up with his physician to do more tests to determine what is causing the elevated PSA levels.