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Q: What does a 5 point star with 2 circles around it mean?
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What star does the sun circle around?

The sun is not a planet that circles around a star. It makes part our galaxy, the milky way, which circles around itself. The circuit takes about 32,000 years.

When was Circles - Shooting Star album - created?

Circles - Shooting Star album - was created in 2006.

What does the five point star mean in gangs?

The five point star, when talking about gangs, the five point star is the symbol of the Bloods and the Latin Kings. In particular, in Chicago the five point star represents the gangs on the 'people' side.

What the cvl lick?

what does the 5 point star mean

Who sings the song circles go round in circles from the 80's?

Alantic star song is called "Circles" you can find it at iTunes or on you tube

Five point star tattoo on your neck what does that mean?

It means that you are lesbian

What is the history of star tattoos?

Star tattoos In the past have been a symbol of sailors/merchant marines. Nautical stars have certain meanings such as guidance, as do plain five-point stars. A six-point star is a symbol of the Jewish faith as well as an East Coast gang symbol. (A five-point star can mean this as well.) Bottom line: a star can mean anything you want it to.

How will the constellations move across the sky if you are standing at the North Pole?

The pole star will be directly overhead and all the other stars will go in circles around it.

What appears to happen to the big dipper throughout the night?

Fantastic question - The Big Dipper circles around Polaris, The North Star throughout the night.

What are the main characteristics of a planet?

Big, round and circles a star.

What does the point on the point star mean?

Perhaps the questioner means the "pointer stars" which are two stars on the Big Dipper which appear to lie on a line connecting them to the North Star.

When Joe Jonas becam a star?

Did you mean when did Joe Jonas become a star? He became star around 2005.