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A Savage 745 is essentially the same design as the Browning Auto-5 and looks a lot like it.

The big visible difference between the two is that the 745 does not have the magazine cutoff lever on the left side of the receiver like the Auto-5.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-17 10:19:36
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Q: What does a 745 savage shotgun look like?
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When was the savage model 745 shotgun made?


What is the value of a Savage Model 745 shotgun?

Depending on condition, $150-$300.

Who made the revelation model 400?

If your model 400 is a semi auto shotgun, with a squarish back to the receiver (something like the Browning Auto-5) these were made for Western Auto by Savage/Stevens/Springfield, and should cross reference to the Mdl 745. The e-commerce side of has a schematic for the Savage 745/ 745C, see if that looks like yours. They DO have some parts available if needed.

What year was the savage model 745 made?

the 745 was made from 1941 to 1949, but other Browning A-5 variants were made until 1999

What is the value for a Savage 12 gauge 2.75 inch chamber model 745 semiautomatic shotgun with part number 110261 in excellant condition?

These shotguns are selling for between 150-300 dollars at this time.

What is an old Savage autoloader that has no model number on it the serial number is 12xxxx the receiver looks like a Browning is copper colored and is decorated with ducks on one side and quail?

Savage 745 Golden.

Where is serial number on a Savage 745?

The serial number is located just forward of the loading port on the bottom of the receiver.

What is the value of a Savage Model 745 12 gauge 3-shot automatic shotgun bought in 1945?

I have two Savage semi-autos. Although the long recoil action guns are very reliable and wonderful shooters, they have almost no re-sale value in today's market. Mine are both in 90% condition, and I bought them for under $200.00 each. Remington model 11 parts interchange with a lot of the model 720, 745, 755A and 775A parts.

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